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Katadyn Products Inc. 
Pfäffikerstrasse 37
8310 Kemptthal 
Tel +41 44 839 21 11
Fax +41 44 839 21 99 

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If you are looking for SPARE PARTS for your Optimus stove, please browse through our spare parts kits in the product catalogue first. If you cannot find the part you are looking for, please contact our service partners below. They carry many parts for stoves and lanterns which we no longer produce.

USA   www.katadyn.us
UK   www.base-camp.co.uk (very extensive)
Sweden   www.fogas.se (very extensive)
Norway   www.uniflamesupply.no (very extensive)
Germany   www.weimeister.com (mostly marine stoves and lamps)
Germany   www.pelam.de/petromaxforum/index.php (forum for stoves and lanterns)
Netherlands   www.qvist.nl (extensive)
Netherlands   www.robijns.nl (extensive)
Australia   http://melbourne.citysearch.com.au/E/V/MELBO/0054/61/63/1.html (mostly lanterns)