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Polaris Optifuel incl. 0.4L Fuel Bottle

Multitalented stove that takes nearly any fuel you want to give it to make sure you have a warm meal

Add to cart$179.95

Cook sets & cutlery

Terra HE Cook Set

Even the most dependable stove needs a pot or pan to do more than just look cool

Add to cart$59.95

Safe and easy to use: Gas stoves pack up small and are very lightweight. The flame of gas stoves lights instantly and can be adjusted. Gas cartridges, be it screw-ons or clip-ons, are available at most camping shops worldwide.

The allround fuel: Liquid fuel is available virtually everywhere and useable at any conditions. Handling is a bit more complex though and the equipment is more bulky and heavier than that of gas stoves.

The most versatile option: If you need to combine the advantages of both gas and liquid fuel you need a stove which is able to work with both.

Oct 20, 2015

Katadyn Group with new online presence

The Swiss corporate group relaunches its key websites with a new and improved look and feel and a clever e-tail system for its leading brands...
Feb 2, 2015

One Jet – Any Fuel: Optimus Polaris Optifuel wins the ISPO AWARD 2015/2016

When you have an enormous appetite and are ready for a warm meal but you lack the right fuel, you can count on a bad...
Jan 31, 2015

Cooking in Antarctica with Optimus

As a part of the Millet Expedition Project Katadyn France supported a group of adventurers that crossed Antarctica on skis – with Optimus...