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Feb 2, 2015

One Jet – Any Fuel: Optimus Polaris Optifuel wins the ISPO AWARD 2015/2016

When you have an enormous appetite and are ready for a warm meal but you lack the right fuel, you can count on a bad mood settling in on your adventure. The new award winning Polaris Optifuel by Optimus offers a quick remedy since it can operate on almost all types of fuel. Whether pressurized gas, white gas, kerosene, diesel or jet fuel, any of these can crank up the heat in the Polaris Optifuel.

The Optimus Polaris Optifuel has won an ISPO AWARD in the Outdoor Stove category. Every year, ISPO honors the most exceptional sporting goods products with an ISPO AWARD. Following clearly defined criteria, a jury consisting of independent sports business professionals evaluates several hundred entries – including some from non-exhibitors.

No matter if you are in the United States, Africa, Asia or on a weekend camping trip not far from home, the Optimus Polaris Optifuel is a stove that belongs in the gear bag of every outdoor enthusiast. No stove is as flexible, nor does any stove guarantee a warm meal no matter where you are in the world and which fuel you have at hand. The latest product in the Optimus collection is a true multitalented stove that has an appetite for almost any fuel – pressurized gas, white gas, kerosene, diesel or jet fuel.

“One Jet - Any Fuel” couldn’t be more fitting as the motto of the Polaris Optifuel. This multitalented stove with just one jet for different types of fuel offers maximum flexibility with the highest performance when you’re on tour. The stove’s operation is very simple since you don’t have to change the fuel jet. And the magnetic cleaning needle allows you to quickly clean the jet even during cooking. The patented quick-priming burner shortens any necessary pre-heating and the self purging aluminum pump is safe and reliable, thanks to its integrated venting function. When using the stove with pressurized gas, you can choose between the efficiency mode – for example, to simmer soups or sauces – and the 4 season mode using liquid gas for increased heat output. In this mode, the Polaris Optifuel also takes on lousy weather and frosty chills beautifully. For more stability, the integrated support legs can simply be folded out and the gas cartridge turned over. With that, your bowl of soup will cook even in arctic cold temperatures.

Simple and uncomplicated use, extreme flexibility, plus easy to pack along – that makes your outdoor spirit smile because every adventure big and small is simply more enjoyable with warm meals and full stomachs!

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